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# parallel-file-io kernel
This POP WP7 CoDesign code implements parallel file I/O using the NetCDF file I/O library with collective file access (all processes must participate in file access).
The resulting executable takes one argument, which defines the number of double precision values held in a 1D array on each process, the default value is 100,000. The array value for entry `i` on process `p` is `i + p + 0.1`. This data is written & read to/from NetCDF file ``.
The program reports the time for processes to write and read data to/from the files.
## Building the code
The file mpi_io_kernel.cpp should be compiled with an MPI C++ compiler with the -std=c++11 flag, e.g.
`mpicxx mpi_io_kernel.cpp -std=c++11 -o mpi_io_kernel -L<path to NETCDF>/lib -lnetcdf`
with `<path to NETCDF>` replaced by the install location of NetCDF.
* kernel name : parallel-file-io
* version : parallel-library-netcdf-collective-access
* implemented-bp : parallel-library-file-io
## Executing the code
To run the code using mpirun use the following command, replacing `nproc` with the number of processess, and `nval` with the number of double precision values per process.
`mpirun -np nproc mpi_io_kernel nval`
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