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# parallel-file-io kernel
This POP WP7 CoDesign code implements parallel file I/O using the NetCDF file I/O library with independent file access (any process may access the data without waiting for others).
The resulting executable takes one argument, which defines the number of double precision values held in a 1D array on each process, the default value is 100,000. The array value for entry `i` on process `p` is `i + p + 0.1`. This data is written & read to/from NetCDF file ``.
The program reports the time for processes to write and read data to/from the files.
## Building the code
The file mpi_io_kernel.cpp should be compiled with an MPI C++ compiler with the -std=c++11 flag, e.g.
`mpicxx mpi_io_kernel.cpp -std=c++11 -o mpi_io_kernel -L<path to NETCDF>/lib -lnetcdf`
with `<path to NETCDF>` replaced by the install location of NetCDF.
## Executing the code
To run the code using mpirun use the following command, replacing `nproc` with the number of processess, and `nval` with the number of double precision values per process.
`mpirun -np nproc mpi_io_kernel nval`
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