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# parallel-file-io kernel
This POP WP7 CoDesign code implements serial ASCII file I/O, where all file I/O is undertaken by process 0, and data for file I/O operations is communicated between process 0 and other processes via point to point blocking
sends and receives.
......@@ -5,12 +7,16 @@ The resulting executable takes one argument, which defines the number of double
The program reports the time for process 0 to write and read all data to file, one entry per line, including the time taken to receive/send data with other processes via MPI point to point communications.
## Building the code
The file mpi_io_kernel.cpp should be compiled with an MPI C++ compiler with the -std=c++11 flag, e.g.
`mpicxx mpi_io_kernel.cpp -std=c++11 -o mpi_io_kernel`
* kernel name: parallel-file-io
* version: serial-ascii
* pattern: serial-ascii-file-io
## Executing the code
To run the code using mpirun use the following command, replacing `nproc` with the number of processess, and `nval` with the number of double precision values per process.
`mpirun -np nproc mpi_io_kernel nval`
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