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......@@ -29,10 +29,10 @@ The resulting executable `rankdlb` can be run using mpirun. It takes three argu
To run the kernel execute
mpirun -np <num processes> rankdlb <cycles> <items_per_rank_initial> <max_items_per_rank>
mpirun -np <num processes> ./rankdlb <cycles> <items_per_rank_initial> <max_items_per_rank>
For example: mpirun -np 16 1000 100000 150000
For example: mpirun -np 16 ./rankdlb 1000 100000 150000
The kernel continuously reports the rate at which it processes work items. A higher value indicates better load balance. It can be seen that the rate drops while rank 0 creates new work items. The rate increaes again when load balcing was performed.
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