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* `./dist/` contains the final executables after a build process
* `./build/` contains the built files
* `./nbproject/` contains makefiles for compilation of this project
* `./src/` contains the main kernel source files
* `OMP/`
* `Examples/Helmholtz/testMTF_parallel.h` contains function main - this is actually run
* `./input/` contains input file with an initial mesh
* `./output/` contains results generted during the application run
## How to built a kernel
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## How to built a kernel
Create direcotires `dist` and `build`
mkdir dist
mkdir build
Modify file `./` to setup a compiler for C++ and MPI, libraries METIS, BLAS and Eigen.
We have tested this kernel with Intel compiler and Intel MKL. For other compilers, please modify also the makefile `nbproject/`.
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